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By using this site you are participating in the global marketplace that is the internet with all the benefits that brings, but by going through this site you still continue to support small independent businesses and local community.

Going Local to Go Global - every little bit helps!

Please use us everytime you need to make a purchase as it helps shows support to the idea of small independent Businesses.

Thank You & Tell Others!

About our Shop:

Our shop is powered by Amazon and this means that you get all the same advantages and protections of an Amazon customer.

A comprehensive selection and massive range of books and all at competitive prices. (Though if you can't find what you want please do contact us directly because as an active independent bookshop we have recourse to a whole other range of suppliers and products not found on Amazon!)

The option to buy new or used. (Again if the item you want isn't listed please do contact us directly - again we have recourse to a whole range of suppliers not always covered by Amazon, and we specialise in Hard to Find and Out of Print Searches)

Timely and Speedy Delivery - many items can be with you in as little as 48 hours.

A good Returns Policy.

All of the advantages of dealing with big business, whilst still contributing to a local economy and supporting a small independent business!

Why this is a good way to shop:

By using us you get to contribute twice to the economy but at absolutely no extra cost to you - in fact not only at no extra cost to you but you gain the full and best benefits of keen prices and choice selection!

How so?
Well we are a community minded independent business fully invested in our local community - so we contribute to the economy at a great level, by using us you feed into that and contribute to the economy through this means.

Local businesses invest more in the local economy than national or international businesses do!

However because we use Amazon to power our online shop your purchase also feeds into the economy through that corporate giant at a national level too!
Therefore your one purchase through this site contributes to the economy at least twice - and at absolutely no extra cost to you at all! Now that can't be bad can it.

So by using us you Go Local to Go Global and the economy benefits in a more positive way and you can truly feel good about it.
You see if we think local, buy local and be local the whole community and economy naturally and vigorously grows strong and healthy and vibrant! It's a wonderful model.
All we have to do is start sharing and spreading the message, start thinking of each other as part of the whole - the community.

So go on, tell others, add a link where you can and use the shop and the site! Thanks.

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